You may think you know what to expect from a pharmacy degree, but there may still be aspects of pursuing a Pharm.D. that would surprise you.-1

You may think you know what to expect from a pharmacy degree, but there may still be aspects of pursuing a Pharm.D. that would surprise you. The field of pharmacy is diverse and constantly changing. The university programs to receive a Pharm.D. are changing right along with it.

So what is pharmacy school like? Let’s unpack the little-known facts about the process to get a pharmacy degree.  

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1. You Don’t Always Need a Bachelor's Degree 

While you may think that an undergraduate degree is required to pursue a Pharm.D., that isn’t always the case. Some colleges offer admission to their Pharm.D. programs with just a few prerequisites met, a bachelor’s degree not being one of them. If you want to get started in your pharmacy career earlier than you imagined, a program that doesn’t need a degree might be the right choice for you!

2. You Can Do More Than You Think

Pharmacists don’t only work in retail stores, though that is a profitable and reliable career track. As a pharmacist, you can work anywhere from community health centers to hospitals. There are also many different types of concentrations that pharmacists can study to prepare them for prosperous careers. Positions exist in both clinical and non-clinical spheres, so you can find a career that best suits your passions and skill sets. 

3. It’s a Small World 

The world of pharmacy, though divided into many sectors, is not as big as you may think. Because of this, networking early on in your Pharm.D. program is critical. The connections you make while at school can help advance your career for years to come. Internships are also a significant part of your degree. Knowing people within niche concentrations will help you get the types of internships you’re interested in when the time comes. 

You will also find that those around you are experiencing similar emotions and fears. You are not alone in your experiences through this program, so be sure to reach out to others in your classes to make study groups. Having friends who understand your course load and career goals can make the transitions through school easier. Plus, having a friend around to quiz you before exams is always helpful!

4. You Can Balance Work and Life

Speaking of making friends, finding activities to do at your college besides your classes and labs will help you in the long run. Look for student organizations and clubs, or join a sports team on your campus. Figuring out how to balance your studies, work and social life will make your current and future life easier. The habits you set now will help you have a holistically successful career. 

After college, you’ll find that pharmacists tend to have a manageable work-life balance. Set yourself up for a vibrant tomorrow now by looking for ways to get out of the lab and get plugged into campus life!

5. It’s Not All Math and Diagrams 

Being a pharmacist is more than just counting pills to fill subscriptions or memorizing anatomical diagrams. In your pharmacy classes, you’ll study how different medications interact with each other, as well as how to become a cornerstone of your community. You’ll have to develop your people skills, as a lot of pharmacists interact with patients directly and have to be knowledgeable about the health history of those they serve. You’ll apply the courses you take throughout your Pharm.D. program in ways you never expected. 

6. You’ll Get Hands-On Experience
Before You Graduate 

Within your didactic education, your pharmacy degree will involve internships and Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). These rotations will give you the chance to go past the labs and textbooks and work with real people within your community. The experiences you have will prepare you for an informed career in medicine. You’ll treasure the knowledge you glean from your professors and internship coordinators for the rest of your career. 

Ready to Start Healing Your Community? 

Pharmacy school consists of more than you think, but the only way to fully know all it entails is to apply yourself! NEOMED’s Pharm.D. program boasts exceptional NAPLEX pass rates, and its graduates find jobs quickly after graduation. Not only that, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to apply to NEOMED’s Pharm.D. program! 

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